Hi I’m Tim Megginson, my journey into the health fitness industry began after I had hit a real low point in my life,

I caught a really bad case of bacterial meningitis and ended up in hospital for 3 weeks in a high risk ward. Laid in that hospital bed I made a new decision, I decided to change my life forever and to fulfil my dreams and ambitions.

I knew I needed to become more resilient to illness, I knew my previous habits of drinking and eating junk food had worn me down, both physically and mentally.

So I did, I started getting healthy, I spent months building myself up physically and spiritually. I became so aware of health and the great effects it had on my body and mind that I decided to train to become someone who could really help and motivate others too. And the rest as they say is history.

Please check out my blog and articles, I hope you can take away some knowledge from my experiences. To check out my fitness boot camps in Ely and Newmarket please go to my website here http://www.bodyshapefitnesscamp.co.uk/